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On behalf of the Board of Directors (K1DG, N9JA and K1AR) and the 11 Professors of Dayton Contest University 2010, we are please to extend a warm welcome to you!

This is the eighth Contest University. Four have been held here in Dayton and Four in Europe (England and Italy). More to come!

The 23 presentations that are available here at Dayton Contest University 2010 are the work product of many hours of hard effort by your Professors and the CTU staff (special thanks to W9ZRX, W3TX, N9RV, K1SFA and K1SO).

Icom America has led the way by sponsoring this event from the start in 2007. Contest University would not be possible without the support of Ray Novak, N9JA and Icom. SuperBertha.com, CQ Magazine, DX Engineering, K1TTT, Heil Sound and INRAD all have contributed their help and guidance in making this CTU the best ever. Please support these vendors who have given back to our RadioSport hobby.

Contest University is a platform for sharing ideas and learning new ways to enjoy Amateur Radio Contesting.  Please share what you learn here today so that others can enjoy what we experience.

Finally, while we have tried to make everything as perfect as possible for you, this is a new adventure for all of us. I ask that you be patient with us as we work out any problems. I also ask for your helpful support as we look forward to more Contest University’s in the future.

Learn, enjoy and share!

Very 73!

Tim Duffy K3LR
CTU Chairman

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